Saturday, 15 March 2014

57. Augusta

If you look for a nice coffee break during a walk at the river (Vistula) and some sunny terrace (if the weather allows) this is a good place to go. Augusta is a small ship on the river with a fancy bar and restaurant, where you find some good quality coffee from Italy.

The service may not be the quickest but while you relax and observe the riverfront in the sun, probably you don't mind to much.

Coffee Index: 7 pln

Monday, 25 November 2013

We will be back soon!

It was a little quiet about KCC - sorry about that. We are busy exploring and living in Sweden, Thailand & Austria right now. 
We will be back in Krakow March 2014 - posts will follow soon!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

56. Coffee Club

One early morning we were in need of coffee right before a study meeting. On the way we found Coffee Club: a modern, fresh and delightful small café. Just with a few seats but a great variety of coffee, fresh-made sandwiches and sweet snacks as muffins and cakes, it is a convenient place to grab a quick bite or get a coffee to go.

The waitress behind the counter was really nice and with a quick chat she made our morning, besides the good coffee, even better.

They open early 7:30 at weekdays and 8:00 on weekends - if it is your neighborhood you should definitely check it out.

Coffee Index: 5,50 pln

55. Kot Polski

Close to the Florianska gate with a view over the city walls, there is a cute and cosy café with an interesting theme: cats! Kot Polski is located at the bottom of Hotel Polski and functions both as a hotel bar and a café. The interior is in old, classic style with green furniture and dark wooden details.

The theme of cats is a nice contrast to the classic style; the cats are found everywhere, hanging, lying around, on paintings and in pictures etc. And it is even a yar where you can donate money to cat-shelters! Our theory is that the cute Polish lady that hosts the café is a real cat-lover.

It is not a big place, just a few tables. You can get normal coffees varieties, juices, hot chocolate and some cakes. 

Black coffee 6,50 pln.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

54. Ambasada Sledzia

Surrounded by locals and some tourist we found ourselves just one street behind the busy Rynek in a really charming cafe: Ambasada Sledzia. Its kind of a student/creative people meeting point. With a really creative interior themed around "fishes" it offers tapas, snacks  cake, all kind of drinks (from coffee to beer) and is really reasonable. Most beverages cost around 4 pln and as you have self service it has a unique but interesting atmosphere. 
We spotted quite interesting people: art students, groups of chatting girls and locals having their after work beer.

The outside but roofed terrace was quite nice, even though some tables where blocked by dishes that people did not bring back inside after eating.

If you are fine with self service, reasonable prices, and maybe some rearranging and clearing tables yourself to find a table - its a nice place.

Coffee Index: 5 pln

53. Kawiarnia Roma

Would you like to have some Italian influences? On the Planty next to the the Church of St. Anne, we discovered a place called Kawiarnia Roma. Located in one of the old houses is this small, but very Italian-themed Cafe that offers all sorts of beverages, coffee for sure, some sweet snacks as cakes and ice cream. 

The first thing that we though of when entering this place was that it looked new and fresh, which is a contrast to most other coffee places in Krakow that usually have a chabby-chic style. It was nice with a change! The decoration is welcoming and small details as the stucco ceiling or the very old wooden entrance door. However, it is perhaps not a "Krakow experience", this café could really be located everywhere in Europe, but it is still a nice café.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Drink coffee! It will make you live longer!?

This is your Brain on Coffee
This column appears in the June 9 issue of The New York Times Magazine.

Check it out: If you dink coffee - your risk of Type 2 diabetes, some kind of cancer and Alzheimer are decreasing!

52. Café Magica

At the corner of the Rynek Glowny, just by the Santa Maria church, we found a cute café, Café Magica. From outside it looks just like a plain, perhaps boring place, however inside, it is really cosy. One part of it is in a kind of greenhouse which lets in a lot of light but still it velvet ceiling gives a nice atmosphere. The furniture is soft couches and armchairs that makes you feel like being in an old couple’s living room.
The menu offers you coffee, cakes and some light dishes like sandwiches, salads and soups. At night, the cafe turns into a bar and they have various alcoholic drinks.
A particular remark is that they open from 8 am and close at 2am, so you can visit this place almost anytime!

Caffee index: 6 pln 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

51. Stajna Restaurant & Bar

Perhaps not the most obvious coffee place, however, the Stajna is too much Krakow that we could NOT write about it! It is located in an alley in Kazimierz, and it is famous world-wide; several scenes from Schindler's List were shot at exactly this place.

The houses around are not restored in any way on the outside, but it gives a certain charm to the place. Outside the flats, you can see cloths hanging for drying, so genuine! Stajna is cosy both inside, in their "greenhouse terrace" and outside, where they have decorated the walls with pictures, flowers and details from the former Jewish inhabitants.

On the negative side, there are many guided tours walking through the alley, which could get a bit annoying after a while, however, if you don't want to feel like a exhibition object, there are some special tables "in use for that".

So if you are a Spielberg-fan, or just want to see houses that breath history, this is the place to go. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

50 coffee places visited!

We made it: 50 coffee places visited in Krakow! 
It was a challenge, but we saw how different coffee places can be: coffee quality, taste, flavor, cup size and arrangement have been different every time. We discovered some favorites, experienced surprises and disappointments but all in all Krakow has to offer so much good coffee places! 
We are not tired of coffee yet (how could we ever be?) and are looking forward to exiting coffee places we are going to visit in the near future.

50. Slodka Manufaktura Leona Café

To get shelter from the rain that drowned Krakow for a few days, we hurried into a café that we have been wanting to try for a while: Slodi Leoni Café. Already when entering through the door, we could smell the interesting scent that told us that this place is a little bit different. The next thing that we discovered was a big wooden shelf with various truffles in various forms and tastes. At once, we knew that we like this place!
The café is really small, but extremely charming. It is mainly decorated with dark wooden material which creates a genuine feeling, you see at once that this place has been an appreciated part of the neighborhood for a long time. The general theme would be love, as you can find a lot of hearts all over the café and our coffees where very nicely decorated with cute hearts in the milk foam. Slodi Leoni Cafe - we highly recommend it!

Coffee Index: 7 pln

Monday, 3 June 2013

49. Ciastkarnia Vanilla

At a corner of a street in cosy Kazimierz, you find a lovely pastry shop and café: Ciastkarnia Vanilla. It is very small with only two tables inside, however, outside, they place a few more tables when the weather approves it.

It is a genuinely old place and it is only using old cake recipes and old methods as well as ingredients from Krakow without any conservatives. Thumbs up for that! The variety of cakes is amazing: as it is a special cake-place they have everything from creamy torts, fruit cakes to huge cookies - we are sure everyone can find something really jummy here. Also they offer home made ice cream that looked delicious.

Its a very popular place for locals - we were surrounded on a Sunday afternoon by groups of young people or families and couples having their afternoon cake.

coffee index: 6 pln 

48. Nova Resto Bar

A rainy day, we decided to check out an other place in Kazimierz: Nova Resto Bar. It is a huge place, maybe the biggest you can find in the former Jewish Quarter. Around 400 people find a seat in a special designed venture. The orange colour that is a consistent theme throughout the decoration gives a nice retro atmosphere.

A really extended menu offers you a lot of healthy and/or Spanish dishes, american burgers and shakes as well as really jummy sounding ice creams and dessert options. You can really see that they have spend a lot of time and effort to make the menu nice.

When we entered we first thought: "oh man its full, looks like a children birthday party", but after some short waiting we got seated by a rather nice waitress. It was young people, tourists, students and young families with all their children that surrounded us and loud music in the background, still we had a quiet corner and enjoyed our food a lot. However, when we wanted to order dessert with anticipation, we were told that it was rush hour and we needed to wait at least half an hour... 

Coffee Index: 7 pln

Sunday, 2 June 2013

47. La Campana Restauracja

In one of the neat streets on the fot of the Wawel hill in the direction of the Rynek, there is a hidden and really pretty green garden where you can sit and enjoy a coffee while listening to the birds singing around you.  

Even though La Campana Restauracja is a restaurant, they offer good Italian coffee and typical very good Italian desserts (the Panna Cotta is highly recommendable). For us, it was like a small trip into a green oasis with the sound of the twittering birds and when looking over the wall, you could glimpse a monastery which gave a particular peaceful atmosphere to the whole place.  

Coffee Index: 6 pln
No WiFi

46. U Ziyada Restauraja i Kawiarnia

In the basement of the Przegorzaly Castle where the Center of European Studies of the Jagiellonian University has classes, there is a fancy café: U Ziyada Restauraja i Kawiarnia  that is well worth visiting for example on a Sunday. Since the castle is situated on a hill, the Kawiarnia has a splendid view over the whole Vistula valley that is lovely in summer times.

They offer many forms of Lavazza coffee in a fancy environment and both inside and outside, this café is a neat experience. Perhaps it is not the cheapest café in Krakow, however, if you count the  view and experience as well, then you get value for your money. 

Caffe Americano 7,50 pln

Saturday, 1 June 2013

45. Kawiarnia Pod Baszta

Up on the Wawel hill, there is Kawiarnia Pod Baszta, a tourist café to serve the guests of the hill who are in need of a break between visiting all the museums and attractions. It is mainly a café and they serve many kinds of coffee and cakes. A special offer is a coffee and a cake for 13 pln! Still, they do also have some food, for example soups, pierogi (polish dumplings) and salads.

Kawiarnia Pod Baszta is a typical tourist café, but its outdoor terrace is quite nice when the sun is shining and you can sit outside and look at the splendid view of the Wawel Cathedral and the Castle. A funny remark is that even though you are at perhaps the greatest tourist attraction in Poland, the waitress still spoke very weak English. 

Coffee Index: 9 pln
No wifi available 

(On the picture down to the right, it is a mushroom soup, served in a bread bowl. Very typical food for Poland!) 

44. Cukiernia - Kawiarnia Claudia

A cute pastry shop with a genuine polish lady that makes you feel welcome. That is how we would describe the Cukiernia - Kawiarnia Claudia.

It is small place, with only 5 tables, but the main idea is to buy sweets to take home with you. There are all sorts of Polish cakes and sweets and also fresh coffee beans to take away. The place is clearly decorated by  the lady herself,  if you enter or leave the Cukiernia don't miss to see the holy cross above the door.

Locals and everyday customers come in to pick up their sweets for the afternoon or just have a short chat with the lady, that owns the place. It is maybe not the place to hang out or have a cozy coffee afternoon, but if you want some local sweet specialties its a good place to go.

Coffee Index: 8pln 
No WiFi available 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

43. Cheder Cafe

In the heart of the Jewish district Kazimierz at ul. Josefa, you can have a true experience of the lost Jewish times in Krakow. A place to visit is then Cheder, a Jewish café with a very unique atmosphere. The place is decorated as being a living room with mis-matched furniture and bookshelves along the walls with old books which gives the room a cosy and genuine feeling.

You can order the favourful Israeli coffee in pretty coffee pots and Jewish cakes that are interesting to try, and everything they serve is Kosher. It is also a place where many bring their laptops and sit for an hour in a calm environment. When we were there, we saw 3-4 Jewish men that were dressed traditionally which really added to the genuine feeling of the café. 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

42. Restaurant Club Loża

After a long and hectic day we needed to consume some more coffee at night. On the Rynek we visited an other outside cafe: Loża.

Its a neat place, where you find tourists as well as rather well-heeled Cracovians. The service is excellent and real trained waitresses serve you with high quality standard. Therefore, you pay generally higher prices for their drinks and foods as usual in Krakow.

If the wind geta a bit cooler at night, warm blankets are available to use while you have your coffee and watch the usual night spectacular at the Rynek.

Coffee Index: 8,50 pln

41. Cafe & Pastry Shop

In the middel of ul. Jozefa in the heart of Kazimierz there is a small, nice and cute cafe, called Cafe&Pastry Shop on the corner, which you should not miss if you like Italian ice cream and chocolate truffles.

Owned by a real Italian you can have some "jummsies" on 6 small tables, (around 18 seats available) while being surrounded by beautiful fresh flower on the tables, counter and in the windows.

We were there at night (20:30pm) to have a quick espresso and some ice-cream so their late opening hours are quite convenient, after having dinner or in between drinks in Kazimierz. 

Coffee Index: 6,50 pln

Sunday, 19 May 2013

40. Café Słodki Wentzl

Do you want some really yummy and fancy deserts? Then we have found you a good place to go: Café Słodki Wentzl.

The service is sometimes a little bit slow but still the variety of sweets is mind-blowing. They offer home-made ice cream (sundae), strudel in many different kinds, polish cakes and sandwiches. Also the coffee is really good and for example the cappuccino is the biggest cup we have been served so far in Krakow (for 8 pln).

Of course you are surrounded by tourists, but also local families with their children, seniors and businessman enjoy the goodies they serve in the sun.

Coffee Index: 7 pln

Saturday, 18 May 2013

39. Lajkonik Piekarnia and Kawiarnia

If you want a quick sandwich for lunch, then Lajkonik Piekarnia and Kawiarnia is a place for you. It is a bakery with wonderful types of breads that they also serve as sandwiches in different kinds. Sandwich with a schnitzel, sandwich with salmon or sandwich with various cheeses that all look more than tasty. It is also a café and has a lot of sweet things like apple cakes, lemon cakes and donuts. Yummy!

The room is middle-sized with many small tables. The chairs are very comfortable and the atmosphere pleasant. It was also a nice waitress that made sure that we new exactly where to find sugar and spoons for the coffee.

Wifi available

Friday, 17 May 2013

43. NapNap Cafe

NapNap Cafe is a cute, small place that has a lot of character. All the food they offer is organic and home made; sandwiches, healthy snacks, muffins and cakes that all looked rather delicious. The coffee and tea options are as well especially selected and organic. and they do also have fancy sodas from Fritz Cola. All in all, they offer high quality drinks and foods. 

Interesting self-shot photos, funny and interesting advertisement on the mirrors and glass-facade with white ink as well as a lot of elaborated details in combination with the good food they offer it is a good place to have a moment for yourself, to meet up with friends, read one of the women magazines or just grab a coffee to go. It is not at all a big place, but what they offer is pretty nice in comparison to what many other small coffee-to-go places offer.  

Wifi available but we did not use it

38. Caffe Zacmienie

Behind the Rynek, you can find a cute, relaxing and very green garden café, Caffe Zacmienie. In the mornings, it has a local crowd with old Polish men discussing the latest happenings. However, at night, the café turns into a bar that actually has happy hours (Cocktails and shots), something rather unusual in Krakow.

A big plus was the sweet waitress that actually gave us small pieces of apple pie with our coffee for free. It was a nice gesture that we highly appreciated! Maybe the coffee taste and quality was not the best we ever had but to sit in a quiet and green hidden garden cafe, entered over a small entrance bridge, not far away from all the Rynek hustle and bustle is worth visiting.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

37. Met Café

Under reconstruction - NOT OPEN NOW! (16.03.2014)
In an American style, the Met Café is offering many different kinds of snacks and drinks. The environment is clearly American, but still with Polish details and old pictures or advertisements of different more or less famous cafés on the walls. The venture is really big, but separated in many smaller rooms that give the place a kind of cosy feeling.

The menu gives you a great variety of breakfast options, sandwiches, bagels, juices (even a bit more unusual as with celery and cabbage, shakes (we surely can recommend the peanut butter ones) and, of course, coffee.

The waitress we had was very helpful, nice and very obliging. Changes in our order or specific modifications of ingredients were not a problem at all. The portions are very big and you get quite some good food for small money.

Coffee Index: 7 pln 
Wifi available 

36. Café Szafé

If you are a bit bored and need something fun to do, then why not having a coffee in a wardrobe? Its actually possible in Café Szafé - and Szafé is actually the word for wardrobe in Polish! The feeling of the interior is "hey, lets put everything we find together into our rooms." It has mixed retro items and old-fashioned lamps and chairs overcoloured in various colours, which is quite unique.

This is a funky and cool place with a young 'students club' atmosphere that turns into a bar at night. Hence, the music increases the alternative and independent feeling. It is actually bigger than what you first think when seeing it from the outside. Apart from wardrobes to sit in, you also have a lot of couches and hang-out places to study, chill, daydream or meet up with friends.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

35. Massolit Books and Café

In good walking distance from the river (tram stop Jubilat) you find an old-fashion, neat and charming café. Massolit is known as an English book store with perhaps Krakow's biggest supplies of literature in non-polish language.. Even if you are not in need of a new novel or travel guide in English it is worth visiting. 

Massolit may seem a bit far off, but it is worth-while to go and see. The interior creates a cosy environment, that is perfect for bringing your laptop and sit there for hours. If you listen carefully, you hear background music that sounds like its from a gramophone and it takes you back to early 19th century.

If you are looking for a book, you can search for it on Massolit's homepage. You can also check the homepage for different events that sometimes take place here. 

Coffee index: 5 pln
Wifi available, but a little bit slow.

34. Nowa Prowincja

Close to the under Rynek in ul. Bracka there is a quite neat place called Nowa Prowincja, that is popular among locals. They have daily offers for small breakfast, lunch, cake and coffee. Their home made lemon cake is famous and many locals enthuse about it as well as the big cappuccino they offer.

Its a lovely place with seats in an inside upstairs balcony and a lover level, where you can sit on old school benches and just enjoy a really specific atmosphere of being in a neat old fashion student club.

In the summer six tables outside on the street give room to enjoy the sun and watch the tourists linger by. The crowd you find there will consists of students, Professors, locals, who work abound the Rynek and tourists.

Tipp: find your way to the toilets and walk up the stairs on its left side (a bit in the back) - there you find more seats, 4 birds in cages and a wonderful "living-room-atmosphere" - a hidden gem!

Coffee Index: 7 pln

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

33. Café Galicja

Under reconstruction! NOT OPEN NOW (16.03.2014)
A typical café is Café Galicja, located between Rynek Glowny and Maly Rynek. It has an old-fashion atmosphere with Spanish music in the background and antique details as interior, an old radio, coffee mils and sepia pictures of Krakows old days on the walls. 

The menu offers a wide range of sandwiches, cakes and hot pasta dishes. It has also a big supply of alcoholic drinks if you would prefer that. The waitress was very nice and attentive, which made us feel very comfortable.

Coffee Index: 6 pln
Wifi available

Coffee Art

Malaysian artist Hong Yi made this fantastic and unique art piece. 
In 12 hours work she created something rather special!
(Found on Pinterest)

32. Coffee Street

Near the student area of the city center in a walking distance of 4 minutes to the tram station Teatr Bagatela we discovered a neat coffee place.

Coffee Street is a small place of four tables and around 12 seats, but decorated with lots of love, thoughts and details. In a comfortable atmosphere you can read magazines, a book or whatever you need to get done for school or work. They offer coffee to go and the classic coffee varieties if you want to stay for a while. 

Coffee Index: 7 pln
Wi-Fi available

Monday, 13 May 2013

31. Bagel Mama

To get a bit of an American influence in Krakow, you could visit the Bagel Mama in Kazimerz. In there, you get a proper American bagel in many different varieties, both salty and sweet. They do also serve tex-mex burritos and other types of "American food", if you rather go for that.

The atmosphere is nice, especially with a huge pumpkin watching you eat your bagel from a corner (possibly the biggest pumpkin we have ever seen). The owner is a "typical" American from NYC that loves a short and nice chit-chat with his customers.

Coffee Index: 7 pln
Wifi available

Sunday, 12 May 2013

30. Chajim Kohan

In the corner of a market square in the Jewish neighborhood, you find a piece of history in Chajim Kohan. Outside this building, you find typical signs from Jewish shops that used to be in this area, clearly a major tourist attraction. Therefore, while seated in the café, you feel almost part of a historical exhibition as guided tours frequently pass by. The atmosphere of the square is fantastic, it is a place to sit for hours and just feel like a part of traditions from a long time ago. If you rather would like to sit inside, the interior is neat with a remarkable collection of old artifacts that wisper of a lost time period in Krakow's Jewish history.

The menu does however not reflect its Jewish history, it is quite normal for any café. A big plus was that when we were there, we were quite picky and changed the orders which was no problem with the waitress. Another interesting thing is that they have live performances in the evenings with traditional Jewish music.

This is a place to love, to go to when you have a lot of time, to sit in the summer evening breeze, to take it in with all your senses, to feel part of a lost culture and go back in time.

Coffee index: 6pln
No wifi

Saturday, 11 May 2013

29. Café Mini

In the middle of ul. Grodzka, there is Café Mini Cukiernia and Kawiarnia. It is quite a touristy place, but still very nice. The terrace is in the shade, which can be pleasant after you've spent a few hours in the Krakow summer sun.

Café Mini offers warm and cold coffee and a lot of sweets, cakes and pancakes or waffles with fruit, cream, other toppings and jam of which, many various kinds are available  It is also possible for a quick ice cream or a coffee to take away.

On the bad side, when we went there we wanted something for breakfast which they did not have. The pancakes were really sweet and very big portions. Maybe you would consider it nice if you like sugar, but otherwise, it could be considered a little extreme. Another disadvantage, was that they did not have toilets for their customers.

To sum up, perfect place to sit in the shadow and eat something REALLY sweet. Good if you are strolling the ul. Grodzka and need a break. The worst place to go if you are actually hungry for a sandwich or something more substancial.

Coffee index: 5 pln
No wifi on the terrace

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Friday, 10 May 2013

28. Alchemia

"One of the must go places in Krakow!" This is what we heard several times when we arrived in Poland. So we made sure to check it out. Alchemia is directly at the corner of Plac Nowy in Kazimierz. It's easy to find so you can not overlook it. 

Alchemia is definitely a unique place with interesting interior. It is in an old style with special details in every corner which make a nice atmosphere. During the day, it is a café and during afternoons, you can enjoy small music concerts here. However, at night it turns into to one of the most famous bars/nightclubs in Krakow. 

In short, it is one of those wicked, special and interesting places where tourists and locals alike enjoy their free time. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

27. Bunkier Sztuki

Sunny day and having a walk around the city? Then you should enjoy the Bunkier Sztuki in the northwest part of the Planty (the green park around the old town). Bunkier Sztuki is a café inside a big greenhouse, which is opened up on one side if the weather is good. If there is one of those bad weather days, they close the transparent shield and you can still sit inside with an "outside" feeling. 

It serves different kinds of coffees, salads, sandwiches and freshly-squeezed juices. The crowd is a cool mixture of businessmen,  students and creative people. Its a bigger place which fits around 150 people and the whole place is divided into smoker and non smoking area. Also attached to the cafe is a gallery, if you feel the need for some art and culture after your coffee, check it out.

Coffee index: 7pln
Wi-Fi availbale

Sunday, 5 May 2013

26. Castor Coffee Club

On the corner of the Rynek, next to the St. Mary's Basilica, you'll find a great place, the Castor Coffee Club. It is a big place, with an outside area and two floors, where you can easily fit bigger groups. An extensive coffee menu (oriental coffee, ice coffees, fair trade products) as well as sandwiches and desserts are available

Due to its location, you have to keep in mind that you will be surrounded by a tourist crowd. If you would like to sit in comfy chairs and relax a bit with whatever kind of coffee suites you? Castro Coffee Club is an option. You can recognize it by its beaver symbol and yellow colour. They have convenient opening hours: 07:00-22:00, so you can stop by whenever you need.

WiFi available but slow version
Coffee Index: 6 pln

25. The Piano Rouge

If there is sunny weather the Rynek is a fantastic area to visit - find yourself a nice place to have a coffee or drink right in the middle of it all. While watching people stroll around, counting the horse-drawn carriages,  you will hear several languages around you. An unique Krakow atmosphere. The question is: where to go on the Rynek? 

One option we tried was The Piano Rouge. It is best known for its live jazz bands at night and special interior but their outdoor terrace is equally so. The service is good and it's a spot on the Rynek to enjoy a sun-trap in the afternoon (if weather conditions are sunny!).

Coffee Index: 9 pln (Cappuccino)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

24. Coffeeshop Company

Close to the Rynek (main square), you can find the Coffeeshop Company. It is a chain of coffeeshops owned by an Austrian family. You can actually find this chain in 23 countries and there are 7 Coffeeshop Company cafes in Poland. They also sell their own brand of Arabian coffee.

In the Coffeeshop Company in Krakow, we appreciated that is was table service, which is quite unusual in Poland. You can sit outside on 5 small tables and inside there are is a smoking and a non-smoking room.

It is a good place to grab a cup of coffee when you are in a hurry, but the interior shows no real personality and compared to other cafés in Krakow, it is quite boring. However, if you want a taste of something international, modern and hip, then it could be a place for you.

Wifi (good paste)
Americano: 9 pln

Friday, 3 May 2013

23. Moment Resto Bar & Music

An early Sunday morning, we decided to go to the weekend flee market at Plac Nowy in Kazimierz. This is always a great experience and a lot of bargains can be found! On this particular morning, the sun hadn't started to shine yet and it was really cold. Tired after the walking, hungry and still sleepy, we walked into Moment Resto Bar & Music and ordered breakfast. This breakfast made the whole day!

With a funky, retro style Moment appeared to be an interesting place to visit with a lot of 50's nostalgia.  The breakfast was amazing, yogurt and home-made cereals, home-baked bread with different cheeses and as much coffee and tea as you like. Perfect start to the morning! Afterwards, we went there in the evening as well for dinner and their pastas are really tasty too!

Coffee Index: 6pln!index
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Thursday, 2 May 2013

22. Karma

In ul. Krupnicza, near the tram station Teatr Bagatela, there are many goods restaurants and cafés with student-adjusted prices. Karma is one of those places. (Dont look for a sign - as they dont have one, look for a yellow building with an entrance of 3 stairs to a glass door). 

The menu shows a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes, suitable for lunch, and the coffee is organic and can be ordered in many different styles. We can especially recommend their pies, they are so delicious! Good tasting and exciting salads are always available as well. 

Karma is definitively a favorite among students and university staff in Krakow. It is easy to drop by to have a quick coffee or healthy lunch. The only thing that can be problematic is when ordering "normal black coffee". They have a great variety of different coffee brands from different coffee countries which can be seen as an asset. However, in our case, the black coffee that we ordered turned out to be a watery kind. Otherwise, their cappuccinos are great. 

If you want a quick and tasty lunch with good prices in a modern and nice atmosphere, then Karma is a great place to visit. 

Wifi available
Facebook page

21. Esze

In extraordinary surroundings, you can have coffee at the Esze café/bar. It is a young and alternative place with special details in every corner - a favourite hangout place for many Krakow students. By the bar, there are swings that you can use while waiting for your coffee and when you sit down, you find out that the coffee tables are old cable reels. Interesting, innovative and cute! The bathrooms are an interesting experience and, well, we'll leave that unsaid so that you can discover why all by yourself! This place is definitively a Kazimierz experience that you will definitely remember afterwards!

Wifi available

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

20. Mustache Coffee

Are you a mustache fan? If you want to stroll around Krakow with a fashionable "mustache coffee to go" cup - we found you the perfect place: the Mustache Café

Delicious coffees and sweet snacks are offered by this cute and cosy place. While you wait for you freshly made coffee, you can sit down (5 small tables), look around and try to find all the mustaches, which are all over the place as twee decorations.

In our opinion, it was a value for money - a large take away cup! And with its location, centrally, between the station and the Rynek (main square), it is a suitable place to grab a quick coffee to take away.

Coffee Index 7.90 pln
Wifi available 
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19. Café Restaurant Europejska

Situated on the Rynek Glowny, Café Restaurant Europejska is the perfect place to visit if you want a genuine "Central European" experience. The classic, baroque-style interior makes you feel like you have traveled back in time to Vienna at the end of the 19th century and are having coffee in an elegant café - the height of sophisticated culture (Kaffeehaus-Kultur).

The prices here are a little bit more expensive but you have a lot of choice. Different kinds of coffees (e.g. Vienna style) and food are offered. The bar is extensive with various kinds of liqueurs. During summertime, you can sit outside in the sun and watch the people strolling around the Rynek with the Santa Maria church and the Cloth Halls as a spectacular view. 

Wifi available (slow internet)
Black coffee: 8 pln 

Monday, 29 April 2013

18. Go! The Coffee & Sandwich Bar

Under reconstruction. 
You are in Kazimierz and in a hurry? Don't worry, there is a place to grab a quick coffee to go! Go! The Coffee & Sandwich bar is located on ul. Krakowska, just next to the tram stop, Stradom. A small but quaint place that specialises in fair trade coffee to take away. You choose your coffee in three different sizes and there is sugar, sweetener, cardamon spice and chocolate powder available if you want it. They have also fresh sandwiches ready for people, who didn't have time for lunch or just missed out on eating breakfast.

Coffee Index: 5,90 pln

Sunday, 28 April 2013

17. Santos Kawiarnia

Under reconstruction - NOT OPEN NOW (29.03.2014)
In the middle of ul. Grodzka, one of the main tourist streets between the Rynek and the Wawel, there is Santos Kawiarnia. The interior is one of a typical café, however, inside you will find a great surprise! The main reason for visiting is their outdoor terrace. With comfortable chairs in the sun, you can enjoy a relaxing ice coffee, flavoured coffees or a sweet snack on your way from the old town to Kazimierz. The crowd is comprised of mostly tourists and therefore, the staff speak good English. While you are seated, you can watch the tourists strolling by and also have a brilliant view of the Wawel castle that is located just behind you.

Coffee index: 7,50 pln (Espresso)
No wifi available on the terrace.